Playground Mulch

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Estimating the cost of mulching is quick and easy using our Mulch Calculator below

  • Simply measure the length and width of your mulch beds and enter those numbers into the form below.
  • The easiest way to measure a bed's size is to step off the distances and convert your steps to feet (a normal step is about 2.5-3 feet for most people).
  • Some landscape areas are square in shape but most have curves and contours that make it somewhat difficult to get the correct square footage.
  • You should imagine a square area above the area you need to fill to calculate your approximate mulch requirements.
Sample Calculation

If you wanted to cover the areas in our sample landscape with bark mulch 2 inches in depth the formula would be:

Mulch Bed 1: ( 50 ft. x 15 ft. ) = 750 ft2
Mulch Bed 2: ( 35 ft. x 15 ft. ) = 525 ft2
1275 ft2

Then you will divide the square footage (1275 ft2) by the thickness factor for your desired depth.

1275 ft2 =
7.9 yds3

(thickness factor for 2 inches of mulch)
Desired Depth Thickness Factor
1.5 in 216
2 in 162
3 in 108
4 in 81
5 in 65
6 in 54

Mulch Calculator
Please use only feet, not inches.  If you have a measurement that is more than an exact feet, please use a decimal form.  For example, 12 feet 6 inches is 12.5 feet.

Length  ft. Width  ft.

How many yards3 you will need: (by thickness)

1.5 inchs thick yards3
2 inchs thick yards3
3 inchs thick yards3
4 inchs thick yards3
5 inchs thick yards3
6 inchs thick yards3