Playground Mulch

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  • Does Innovative Mulching provide free estimates?
    We do not provide free estimates to measure you property. We recommend that you look at an old invoice that you may have from mulch being previously installed or you may use our material calculator (click here) to help you figure out.

  • How do I determine how much material I will need?
    It is recommended that you put down three inches initially and add to that periodically as it breaks down. We recommend a 2" coverage for weed control unless you are just touching up existing bark. See the material calculator page for pointers on measuring.

  • What is the cost of blower installation?
    · All jobs priced by the cubic yard installed
    · There is a 20 cubic yard minimum locally, see our maps for more detail(click here) or click on the products catalog to see how much the installation will cost.
    · Price includes material, installation, labor, and minimal clean up

  • How far does your blower hose reach?
    Our crews normally carry 250ft of hose at all times. If the area where you need mulch is further away from where the truck will be parked, please let us know.

  • Will blowing the mulch in hurt my plants?
    No. Our installers are careful not to blow directly onto the more delicate plants. We would prefer that your annuals are planted two weeks prior to installation, but in any case, we are always accommodating.

  • Does it make much of a mess?
    We clean up, if there is any, over-spray before we leave. The exception is when the building and/or sidewalk are wet from sprinklers or rain. We will do the best we can with our blowers though you may choose to wash some areas with a hose.
    What products can you blow and how far can you reach with the hoses?
    · We can apply soils, mulches, composts, aggregate, playground and safety materials
    · Our maximum hose length is 450'

  • Why blow it instead of manual application?
    · Achieve a more uniform and even application - with very little waste
    · There are no unsightly piles throughout the application
    · It is fast and efficient, saving time and money
    · Accessibility to remote areas without damaging tire tracks can get over walls, fences, and other obstacles with ease

  • How thick can the product be blown?
    · We can apply from 1/4" to 5" thick or more, depending on job needs

  • Is your mulch treated with chemicals?
    Absolutely not, our mulch is completely organic. It comes straight from the tree into your garden.

  • Do I need to rake out the mulch when you are done?
    No. Our finished job is much better than you could expect to do with a rake. We even blow under bushes and trees that you would never consider doing by hand.

  • Do I need to be home when you do the job?
    No with minor exceptions you don’t need to be home. We get good instruction over the phone and some customers leave us notes and indicators where they do and don’t want mulch.

  • What do I need to do to prepare my yard?
    The most important step before installing bark is to pull any weeds that have already begun to grow in your yard. It is not necessary to do more than that. Some people spray weed repellent before installation.